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Leo Bitas

7.00 AM

During these unprecedented times, I thought it was best to highlight what my day is like when I work from home. I like to do some form of exercise before having breakfast and getting ready for the day.

RSM Graduate Leo Bitas workstation

8.30 AM

As a graduate in the Business Advisory division of RSM Australia, my work is very client focused. We prepare financial statements and income tax returns for our clients in addition to assisting clients with their business issues and development. I like to start the day by checking any e-mails that were forwarded by clients and my colleagues and either respond to the ones I can easily give an answer to or flag the ones where I might require assistance from my ‘buddy’ or manager.

9.00 AM

As working from home is a new feature for many of us in the team, we scheduled a quick video conference with each other to set ourselves up for the day and give us a chance to see each other.

9.30 AM

I start to work on my job that I have scheduled for that day. The client that I am working on is quite a large one and their tax matters can be quite difficult. Whenever I come across a client like this, I try not to get carried away with opening 101 tabs and try to write down any issues or questions I might be having regarding certain accounts. Any role you accept as a graduate, I highly recommend you write down any questions or important notes you may have about a job for future reference when they arise on another job you do.

11.30 AM

I like to give my legs a stretch, grab some water and make a coffee during this period. As I have the privilege of being a ‘buddy’ to an undergraduate in my team, I will check in with a Skype call to check up and see if I can provide any assistance on the job that is being worked on.

12.00 PM

I will continue working on my previous job up until lunch. I provide an update about the job and let the manager know if there are any questions I may have (as I would’ve written them down earlier) and schedule a Skype call later in the day to go over them.

1.00 PM

Lunch time! As I am inside the office for most of the day, I like to step outside during my lunch break and work on vitamin D levels. I will take my sausage dog, Frankfurt, for a walk around the block and join a call with fellow graduates in the firm to see how their day is progressing. He gets so excited when I ask if he wants to go for a walk.

RSM Graduate Leo Bitas dog

2.00 PM

Whenever I step away my desk for a decent period, I will go through the same process as I do in the mornings. Check my e-mails, respond to any that I do not require any assistance for or flag any that I will require some assistance with.

2.15 PM

Usually lunch time is when I change over to another job I had scheduled for the day. However, due to the large size of the current client, I will continue working on this preparation of financial statements and income tax returns for them.oGHHJ

4.00 PM

I have the aforementioned catch up with the manager on the job. After a quick conversation about how our days have been, we dive into the issues I have been having with the current job I am working on and compile a query list to head back to the client with.

4.30 PM

I like to set aside some time towards the end of the day to go through any items I might have overlooked during the day and update my managers on the progress on any outstanding work.

5.30 PM

It’s time that I clock off and give myself a break from the home office. I catch up with the rest of my family and friends outside of work and ultimately end back on the computer with my clan mates.